Effective Skin Care

Marita Hanson
A unique mix of urban style and serene ambiance, founded by Marita Hanson – offers 5-star services where you will encounter a true private oasis in the heart of New York City.

Get the Glow

This is it.

Your needs are realized. You have always wanted healthy and beautiful skin that truly glows. Here it is. Customized facials, cherry-picked for your skin type.

With impeccably crafted facials, Marita Hanson’s philosophy is more pampering, less probing. Thirst-quenching classic European-style Hydra facial ~think serum infused oxygen, stream of soft vaporized mist, followed by a soothing massage then crowned with a refreshing seaweed mask~ Leaving skin supple and begging for more!

With the wave of a magic wand or the more dynamic state-of-the-art result-driven methods, Oxygen Infusion, Hydro Enzyme Micro-Dermabrasion, Radio Frequency, Micro-Galvanic, and (LED) Light Therapy are just some of the modalities or “task-masters” that will correct and erase traces of tired, dehydrated, sallow, flush, and listless skin.

Pre and Post Surgical Treatment

As a Master Aesthetician, Marita Hanson worked alongside some of the most prestigious and skillful plastic surgeons around.

Many clients have and continue to benefit from her dexterous Lymphatic Drainage techniques, which can be applied before and after non-invasive and surgical procedures.

Upon recommendation, Marita thoroughly guides each client with pragmatic precision and care, determining the best course of action to advance the healing process. Testimonials rave of the added benefits ranging from reduced swelling, numbness, and bruising. By advancing remedial “down-time” and improving their overall appearance, patients can quickly resume a normal lifestyle.

Marita Hanson
Marita Hanson, Master Aesthetician and President & Founder of Marita Hanson